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After counselling, treatment starts by Dr.Sanjay Kumar (Dermotologist).

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Specialized Trearment

Skin Disease Treatment in Ranchi

Here at "Cosmo Skin Centre" Skin and Hair Clinic in Ranchi you will get complete treatment for your skin. There two types of skin diseases. 1st is the dermatological problems and 2nd is the cosmetic problems. Dermatological problems related to the skin infections and in other side cosmetic problems that are related to face skin diseases.

Hair Treatment in Ranchi

Hair fall and dandruff are the common problems in men and women. Due to some health complications or some other reasons hair fall occurs. Here at “Cosmo Skin Centre” you will get complete treatment of hairfall. Dandruff is also a major problem that develops in youngsters, dandruff can be controlled by the treatment at “Cosmo Skin Centre”.

Sexual Disorder Treatment

“Cosmo Skin Centre” provides treatment for sexual disorder in men. There are many types of sexual disorders in men for example erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are common. Dr. Sanjay Kumar provides proper counseling for treatment, in most of the cases due to medical conditions as well as to psychological or emotional issues.

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